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Student Services

MCA is pleased to provide support to our students as they learn to live biblically and grow in mind, body, and spirit. The support provided through personal counseling, directed studies program services, academic advising, college advising, and technology services are designed to meet the needs of the students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being. We want to ensure our families are aware of and utilize the many services and resources available to you in this regard.

Student Services / Student Support

Academic and College Advising:  Academic advising is available individually for every upper school student with a wide variety of services available. Guidance is offered regarding study skills, organization, academic achievement, course planning, personal goals, college planning and career planning, among others. Guidance sessions for parents and students provide information families need in making decisions for the students. College advising begins in 9th grade and continues through graduation; a multitude of tools are utilized to assess students unique gifts, skills, and interests to guide them to appropriate college goals.

Directed Studies Program:  The Directed Studies program is proactive in assisting students with recognized learning differences be successful in the college preparatory academic curriculum at MCA. Specially trained faculty and therapists use a variety of evaluations, assessments, multisensory teaching methods, accommodations, and support tools to equip students to meet the academic goals in the mainstream classroom.

Licensed Professional Counselor:  Professional counseling is available for Pre-K through 12th grade students to provide a safe and loving place for all students and parents to seek Christ-centered, confidential care, spiritual-formation, and resources so that the student and their family will continue to grow in Christ’s likeness with more faith, more hope, and more love.

Technology Department:  The Technology Department serves to provide the school with state-of-the-art equipment, software and services that will provide our students with a wide array of skills and talents that will last a lifetime and provide our staff the tools to teach and work more effectively. Not only does it plan for future technologies and services, but it lends a helping hand to our faculty & staff during technical difficulties and improved integration of technology in the teacher’s every day lesson planning process.