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Dual Credit Program

MCA partners with two Christian four year universities to provide biblical worldview college credit courses on the MCA campus. In dual credit courses, students are dually enrolled and concurrently earn high school credit and college credit through successful completion of a course. The grade earned in the course is placed on the student’s college transcript and high school transcript. Our students have the opportunity to earn up to 24 college credit hours through the dual credit program during their junior and senior years.

Students must apply for and gain admission to the college or university and pay the college tuition and related fees in order to enroll in the courses at MCA. Successful dual credit students are independent and self-motivated with proven academic ability in prior courses; much responsibility falls upon the student. Academic prerequisite requirements must be satisfied for placement; courses are assigned honors weight for high school GPA calculation.

MCA's Dual Credit Partner Institutions
John Brown University (JBU)
LeTourneau University (LETU)

MCA's Dual Credit Course Offerings
Old Testament Survey 3 credit hours JBU BBL 1013
New Testament Survey
3 credit hours  JBU BBL 1023
Intro to Philosophy
3 credit hours
JBU RPH 2103
College Algebra 
3 credit hours
Elementary Statistics
3 credit hours
Precalculus 3 credit hours LETU MATH 1303
Calculus 3 credit hours LETU MATH 1903
English Composition I 3 credit hours LETU ENGL 1013
English Composition II 3 credit hours LETU ENGL 1023
Intro to Fine Arts 3 credit hours LETU HUMA 1153
Intro to Public Speaking 3 credit hours LETU COMM 1113
U.S. History I 3 credit hours  LETU HIST 2113
U.S. History II 3 credit hours  LETU HIST 2123
Elementary Spanish I 3 credit hours LETU SPAN 1113
Elementary Spanish II  3 credit hours LETU SPAN 1123

Qualifying Criteria:
Academic eligibility to apply and enroll includes a combination of satisfactory academic performance, GPA and math placement scores from ACT, SAT, PSAT, PreACT or ALEKS PPL. Criteria vary based upon institution and course requirements and are found in the Academic Planning Guide.

Academic Accommodations
Students must submit a request for accommodations directly with the college's office of disability services should they need accommodations due to a learning difference, medical condition or other cause. MCA cannot provide accommodations to students in a dual credit course without the approval and direction of the university.  
MCA Partner Institutions' Disability Services Information

Transferring Credit:
Each college or university makes its own determination of credit they will accept toward degree requirements. Though the dual credit courses offered at MCA are widely accepted for transfer credit, we recommend you visit your prospective college's website and search “course equivalency” or “transfer credit”; use the course number to view the transfer credit policy and equivalent course at their institution. You should also evaluate your degree plan for required and elective course requirements. The college registrar’s office can answer your questions regarding transfer credits and transcripts.

Texas Common Core Numbering System tool for searching the Texas equivalent course number. Enter the institution offering the course and the course number to view the transfer course name at Texas universities.

College (dual credit) Transcript Requests
Transcripts for the college credit must be requested directly from the partner college/university's registrar's office.  

John Brown University Transcript Request
LeTourneau University Transcript Request