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The Drama program is intended to give high school students an overview of the theater arts, including developing and improving acting skills and techniques as well as getting hands-on experience with the technical side of producing a play. All students will participate in all acting exercises as well as technical training.

Classes offered are Middle School Drama (7th and 8th grades) and High School Drama.

There are numerous opportunities to perform for different types of audiences: TAPPS competition in late winter, the Christmas concert in late fall, and a full-length play in April. Several other performance opportunities will be provided throughout the year to help students improve their acting and technical skills.

Christianity and Drama

Classes are directed using a Christian worldview, teaching the virtues of Christ and the traits we strive to acquire throughout our lives as we build our relationship with the Lord. In Drama, we integrate the Bible both directly and indirectly: We use the Bible as a resource for dramatic material, using Biblical stories for improv, scene work, and developing additional acting skills. We also use the Bible as a guide for developing appropriate classroom behavior that shows respect and love for our fellow performers and classmates as well as teaching students to analyze character work without judging the actor.