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Multisensory Teacher Training

McKinney Christian Academy – Multisensory Teacher Training (MCA-MTT) center offers teachers, administrators, and parents, training in multisensory teaching, discovery, and mastery techniques to support students with learning differences.

  • Accredited by IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council) to train qualified applicants at the teaching and therapy levels
  • Approved by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to offer training in Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

Many students need simultaneous input through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic channels using a structured, comprehensive, sequential, and cumulative method in order to maximize learning.  Traditional teaching methodologies lack this multifaceted approach and are less successful for students with learning differences. The Multisensory Teacher Training center has been instrumental in developing specialized techniques that are effective for all types of learners, particularly, students with dyslexia and similar learning differences.

MCA-MTT Academic Language Teacher and Therapist Training Programs:

Our mission is to develop and train academic language teachers and therapists to

  • Understand dyslexia and related disorders
  • Successfully teach dyslexic and attention deficit disorder learners to read, write, and spell through the implementation of an Orton-Gillingham based multisensory language therapy program (Take Flight)
  • Enable teachers and therapists to become certified through the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA)
  • Earn graduate credit through our partnership with Midwestern State University toward a Master of Education in Special Education Specializing in Dyslexia and leading to the title of Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (LDT) if desired.

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