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Bible Classes

6th Grade Bible
Sixth grade Bible students will provide a survey of both the Old and New Testaments. Each lesson will highlight a specific time or person in the Bible. Students will understand that culture and history of biblical times are vital tools for interpreting the Bible. Students will engage the text through Bible reading assignments, journal writing, projects, papers, and worksheet activities. The teacher will highlight the relevance of Scripture lessons in daily life. Students should complete the course with a broad background of Old and New Testament knowledge as well an understanding of the need to study outside influences on the text.

7th Grade Church History
Church History is designed to take students through the history of the Christian church by era. This study will include the eras of our Founding Apostolic Fathers, the ancient church, the medieval church, the Reformation, and both the modern and post-modern eras. It will also include major figures and events throughout world history.

Introductory Logic & World Views (8th Grade)
Eighth grade Bible consists of two, semester long, courses: Introductory Logic and Worldviews. In Logic, students will learn to use God-given reasoning abilities to draw proper conclusions. Learning how to think logically allows students to reason properly about God and His truths. Students will be trained in the skills of basic fallacy identification. Students will use this knowledge to engage with Biblical texts. In Worldviews, students will study the history and theological teachings of different world religions, as well as studying the differences between major Christian denominations. They will also be able to define and apply a Christian worldview within the context of their own lives and studies. Students will learn through Bible and textbook reading assignments, journal writing, projects/papers, and worksheet activities.