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College Planning & Career Guidance

The initial stages of college planning begin in middle school as students are introduced to planning tools and personal assessments and begin planning their high school four-year course plan. The academic counseling office staff work with all high school students for individualized, grade appropriate preparation for college.

Student meetings are held throughout each year to discuss relevant topics for the grade and parent guidance meetings are held each spring. In addition, individual meetings with students and families take place throughout the year.

The annual College Tour trip in March gives the students a jump-start on their college search and planning process as students explore 10 college campuses of different types. Our juniors benefit from the College Application Workshop at MCA in the spring to prepare them for their college applications.

We use a variety of assessments in the counseling office to guide students to a career path in which they will find satisfaction and success. We begin exploring with students as early as seventh grade and continue until they graduate.

Assessments may be done in class, in counselor meetings, or at home. Students journey through different stages of exploration, progressing to identifying college majors best suited to their career goals.

We recommend families work with their students as they begin high school to keep the college goals in mind. Grade-appropriate college planning checklists may be helpful tools to aid your planning. The academic counseling office is full of resources online and on paper to assist students in finding the best fit college and utilizing the high school years to prepare.

Our doors are open to students and parents to drop-in or schedule an appointment and the student resource room is available for students’ use.