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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MCA’s school crest look like and what are the meanings of each symbol?

MCA’s school crest was designed by Caroline Almond and the class of 2010 as a parting gift to the school.

MCA School Crest
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  Meanings of each symbol:
 Alpha & OmegaThe Alpha and Omega.  God is the Beginning and the End.
 The DoveThe Dove represents the Holy Spirit.
 The Fleur-de-LisThe Fleur-de-Lis represents God's people, The Saints.
 The WheatThe Wheat represents the harvest of evangelism.

Why do we choose to educate our children in a Christian private school?

Christian education offered at McKinney Christian Academy helps prepare your child spiritually for college and for life. An important part of our mission is that we are focused on both evangelism and discipleship.

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What kind of school is McKinney Christian Academy?

McKinney Christian Academy is a Christian, co-educational, independent, non-profit, interdenominational, college preparatory school. Serving grades PreK through 12th Grade, MCA is the only one of its kind in McKinney, drawing students from numerous North Texas communities. McKinney Christian Academy is dedicated to teaching students to live biblically through the education of mind, body and spirit.

How long has MCA been in existence?

McKinney Christian Academy was founded in 1992.

Where is MCA located?

McKinney Christian Academy resides on the beautiful 60-acre campus located at 3601 Bois D’Arc Road in the heart of McKinney.

Directions to McKinney Christian Academy.

What is the class size?

The smaller class size affords more individualized attention for students and draws many families to MCA as an important differentiating factor. MCA maximum class size guidelines are:

PreK-4: 16 with Teacher Assistant
Kindergarten & 1st: 20 with Teacher Assistant
2nd-8th: 20
9th-12th: 24

What kind of academic programs are available at MCA?

McKinney Christian Academy is a college preparatory school, offering a variety of classes including honors and Advanced Placement courses,language arts, mathematics, science, history, Spanish, Bible, art,speech, drama, instrumental and vocal music, technology. For additional information on the specific curriculum for each grade level, please consult the curriculum section.

What type of curriculum is taught at MCA?

McKinney Christian Academy offers an exemplary education to children of Christian families, equipping them to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ. MCA uses a traditional curriculum taught from a Biblical perspective (Christian worldview) and emphasizes critical thinking skills. This approach gives students the opportunity to view each academic area through the lens of God’s Word.

What kind of co-curricular programs are available at MCA?

Participation in co-curricular activities is encouraged at McKinney Christian Academy. There are many opportunities at every grade level for students’ involvement and growth, including weekly Chapel, technology courses, vocal and instrumental music, art programs, team building retreats, journalism and yearbook staff, college tours, mission trips, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, student government, interscholastic academic events, field trips and numerous clubs.

McKinney Christian Academy fields competitive athletic teams in many sports including football, volleyball, cheerleading, cross country, basketball, track and field, softball, baseball, soccer, golf and wrestling. Students participate on teams in various levels including Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High. MCA athletes compete in the TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) Division III.

How much does it cost to attend MCA?

The tuition and fees can be found on the Admissions - Tuition & Fees webpage.

Is MCA affiliated with any church or religious organization?

McKinney Christian Academy is not affiliated with any church or specific Christian denomination, although students and families are requested to sign a Statement of Faith prior to enrollment and annually thereafter. Over 90 local churches are represented at MCA. McKinney Christian Academy embraces a Christian philosophy of education that is built on a biblical foundation which views knowledge and truth as having their source in God. McKinney Christian Academy seeks to aid the student in developing his/her talents and learning to view God as the Lord of All. The school’s mission is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is required that faculty, staff and families will articulate the reality of this relationship in their lives.

Is MCA affiliated with any other organizations?

In addition to the accreditation institutions, MCA is a member of the following organizations:

  • Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS)
  • Texas Private School Association (TPSA)

Does MCA offer financial aid?

Financial aid is need-based and is available to qualified families. Families interested in applying for aid may do so using the Tuition Grant online application found with the tuition information on our website.  If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 214-544-2658, extension 1307. Parents must apply annually for the next school year. Financial aid is awarded annually according to availability of funds and in response to financial need. Applications for financial aid are due by mid March prior to the academic year to which the assistance will apply. F.A.C.T.S. is an independent third party which assists in the financial aid decisions.

What is the admissions process for MCA?

Families who are interested in McKinney Christian Academy are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at 214-544-2658, ext. 1104. There are monthly opportunities to attend an Informational Session which includes a presentation by the Head of School and the Admissions Director, a campus tour, and a Question and Answer session. The first step in the admissions process is to submit an online application to the Admissions Office. Additional admission steps include standardized testing, a student campus visit, and parent and student interviews. For more information, visit our Admissions page.

How is MCA accredited?

MCA is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and through AdvancEd.  AdvancEd also includes the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Does MCA offer after school care?

McKinney Christian Academy offers an after school program, called Extended School Supervision (ESS), for students in Grades PreK – Grade 5. This after school program is available for an additional charge of either $30 per day or $300 per month.  ESS provides care for your child daily, at the end of the school day until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, but is not available for days when the school is closed. To learn more about our ESS program, click here.

In what grade does MCA begin to teach a second language and what languages are offered?

The foundation of a second language begins in Lower School (PreK - 5th grade), with our special classes program, in which students are taught elementary Spanish skills.  In Upper School (9th - 12th) Spanish is available to all students and Sign Language is offered to qualifying students participating in the Directed Studies program.  

Is transportation provided for students to and from school when they attend MCA?

Transportation is not available to and from school, however many families carpool from different areas. To find families in your area, parent information is available through RenWeb.

What are the graduation requirements at MCA?

MCA is a college preparatory school, requiring a minimum of 27 high school credits to graduate.  Students may choose from two diploma types:  College Preparatory Diploma or the Honors Diploma.  Each requires at least 4 credits in core coursework in english, math, science, and social studies as well as requirements in the core subjects of Bible and foreign language.  Students have a wide selection of elective courses to complete their high school diploma. 

Are students required to wear a uniform, and must I get it from one particular company?

Yes. Students who attend McKinney Christian Academy are required to wear a uniform. Portions of the uniform can be purchased from Academic Outfitters, while others are purchased from MCA’s Spirit Shop. For more information on approved uniform choices for MCA please visit the MCA Spirit Shop

What opportunities for involvement are available for parents?

MCA views parents as ultimately being responsible for the education of their children. The school reinforces biblical principles and moral character taught at home, thus forging a highly effective partnership with parents. By placing their children in MCA, they agree to accept standards established by the school.

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged at McKinney Christian Academy (although not required), and numerous opportunities are provided for parental involvement and support. Parents may serve in the classroom, as a field trip chaperone, on a Community Outreach event or mission trip, or as a club sponsor.  They may also provide assistance with lunch, a reading club, chapel, or a special program.  Parents may join and participate in the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF), the Mustang Athletic Boosters, or Moms In Prayer (prayer group).

It is standard procedure for McKinney Christian Academy to run background checks on all of our parents who volunteer, along with every staff and faculty member.

How do I contact the Head of School at MCA?

The Head of School at McKinney Christian Academy, can be reached by phone at 214-544-2658, ext. 1321 or you may use our online Contact the Head of School Form

Who are the principals of the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, and how do I reach them?

Mr. Chris Hydock is the Principal of the Lower School and can be reached at 214-544-2658, ext. 1604.

Dr. David Etheredge is the Principal of the Middle School and can be reached at 214-544-2658, ext 1526.

Mrs. Laura Smith is the Principal of the Upper School and can be reached at 214-544-2658, ext. 1113.

When does enrollment start for each school year?

Applications for each school year are accepted beginning October 1.  Continuous Re-enrollment for current students is completed in January.  Open enrollment for new students begins February. Quick action by prospective parents is recommended due to the anticipated “filling” of many sections, but students are welcome to enroll during the school year, if availability allows. We have a number of students that start mid-year. (Note: Siblings and faculty children are given first priority)  Please contact the Admissions Office for details.

What differentiates MCA from other educational institutions in the area?

McKinney Christian Academy is the only private school in McKinney which offers a comprehensive educational experience spanning Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.  In addition, dedicated faculty, strong parental involvement and the beautiful campus located on 60 scenic acres, in the heart of McKinney, make MCA appealing and convenient for local families. At MCA, you get considerable value for the tuition paid. Our students obtain a quality college-preparatory, private education, and the breadth and depth of community volunteerism is unmatched.

How is the Bible integrated into the teaching at MCA? Is there a separate Bible class that the students attend?

God’s Word is integrated into every program at McKinney Christian Academy.  Formally, there is a separate and unique Bible class taught daily, however teachers plan lessons from a Biblical perspective in all subjects.  This could be a lesson on creation vs. evolution, the sanctity of marriage, history of western civilizations, etc.  However, many opportunities for Biblical integration arise as a result of student discussion and input. These opportunities are significantly important to Christian education and rely on a competent teacher who must be a mature, growing believer to integrate principles effectively.  However, the largest and most effective component of Christian education is the actual life of each teacher, sponsor and coach, lived out in front of students each day.

What is the average ACT score for MCA’s graduating seniors?

MCA's graduating seniors have consistently scored far above their Texas and National peers.  Each of the past 7 years, the top 50% of our graduating classes scored an average ACT Composite score of 29 or 30 compared to a score of 20 for the top 50% in the state of Texas -- that's a performance 45% to 50% above their Texas peers!

Can home-schooled children be successfully integrated into MCA?

Yes, we have successfully integrated home-schooled students into the MCA environment many times.

Are there any academic competitions?

In addition to competitions sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International, MCA participates in other local, regional and national competitions including fine art and academic competitions through TAPPS.  In 2017, the MCA Upper School placed 2nd in the state of Texas in the TAPPS Academic Competitions

How many graduates of MCA have been accepted to college after graduating from MCA?

100% of MCA graduates have been accepted to college (we had one graduate in the class of 2017 who didn't apply to any college because she's doing a gap year before college).

What colleges and universities have MCA graduates attended?

Please see our College Acceptances page for our most recent list of colleges and universities that have accepted our graduates. 

Have MCA graduates receive generous college scholarship offers?  

Yes!  Our students are highly recognized by colleges and scholarship organizations for their preparedness for college success.  In fact, the total scholarship monies offered to the Class of 2023 was $4,162,740.  They accepted $1,428,408 for their college educations.