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Li’l Stangs

Li'l Stangs

The Li’l Stangs program will operate and coordinate an athletic program for MCA students in grades K-5th. MCA students will compete in organized sports with classmates. The intent of the Lil’ Stangs program is to expose students to organized sports at an early age, begin to refine athletic talents and foster school spirit. Lil’ Stangs will also serve as a marketing tool for MCA with our sports teams playing throughout the McKinney/Plano/Allen/Frisco area. Our Athletic Program will benefit from MCA’s Lil’ Stangs program as it will serve as an early training ground for our Middle and Upper School athletic programs while honoring Jesus Christ by teaching athletes to live biblically through mind, body and spirit.

The players will be coached by volunteer parents in a similar format to our Middle School and Varsity programs. The Varsity coaches will host clinics and be available for consultation for the volunteer coaches throughout the season.

All payments will be paid when you register online to play. Registration, play and/or practice without payment is not a possibility. Once registered online, no refunds will be given unless the team does not make. No registration will be accepted after the deadline. NO Exceptions. 

If a grade has enough to make two teams, the teams will be split up by the Lil Stangs committee. 

Kinder-1st grade will only be allowed to play co-ed. 

Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer and Basketball will all be played through PSA. Baseball and Softball will be played through McKinney Baseball and Softball Association.  

Remember, if you haven't registered for a MySAM account through PSA this must be done first. You can do that by CLICKING HERE create a MySAM account.