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Licensed Professional Counselor

John Woodruff, LPC
John Woodruff, LPC
Professional counseling is available for Pre-K through 12th grade students to provide a safe and loving place for all students and parents to seek Christ-centered, confidential care, spiritual-formation, and resources so that the student and their family will continue to grow in Christ’s likeness with more faith, more hope, and more love.

John Woodruff is our Licensed Professional Counselor who offers Biblical counseling that is Christ-centered, comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally-informed. His counseling depends upon the Holy Spirit to relate God’s inspired truth about people, problems, and solutions to human suffering (through the Christian soul care acts of sustaining and healing) and sin (through the Christian spiritual direction arts of reconciling and guiding) to empower people to exalt and enjoy God and to love others (Matthew 22:35-40) by cultivating conformity to Christ and communion with Christ and the Body of Christ.(Kelleman, 2001)

Services Available:

  • Confidential individual counseling regarding anything personal, relational, spiritual, etc.
  • Confidential parent consultations regarding student, family, parenting, etc.
  • Small group discussions- gender specific topic discussions.
  • Classroom seminars and trainings - Bullying, Social Media.
  • Parent seminars- Parenting, Social Media, etc.
  • Student mentoring program.
  • International student support and wellness.
  • Outside referral resources.

How to Access Services:

  • Parents
    • Use my Online Contact Form.
    • Call (214) 504-7234.
    • Teachers may contact parents and recommend a meeting with me.
  • Students
    • MS and US students are encouraged to drop-in or schedule a meeting.
    • LS students will be scheduled through a parent consultation.