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Library Corner

MCA Library
Rooms 317 & 318


To protect our students, staff, and their families COVID-19 protocols are in place until further notice.  Thank you for helping to keep everyone healthy!

**The library is currently NOT accepting donations of used books/materials**

At this time, only MCA students and staff may access the library
at specific times in restricted numbers. 

MS & US students must wear masks in the library at all times.


Library Hours

US Students
**Maximum of 20 students at a time**
7:30-8:30 M-Th 
7:30-8:00 F
12:00-12:45 T & Th
12:45-1:15 M, W, & F
**Classes may visit as scheduled by teacher**

MS Students

**Maximum of 20 students at a time**

9:15-9:30 M-Th
3:15-4:00 M-Th
**Classes my visit as scheduled by teacher**

LS Students
Weekly scheduled library class times only

Digital Resources

MS & US students will find digital resource log on information in the shared Google folder "Student Library Resourses" in their Google Drive.  

School usernames and passwords can be found in your FACTS Family Portal.


Tumble Books