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ACT® Test Info.

The ACT® is an assessment designed to measure students’ college readiness in English, math, reading, science, and writing.  It is curriculum-based to assess knowledge students should gain through their courses at school.  Extensive research based data identifies College Readiness Benchmarks -- scores in each test section that indicate a student is college ready in that subject.  

For test information and registration, visit the ACT®, Inc website: ACT®


The best preparation for the ACT® is to apply your full efforts to your classes throughout middle and high school.  Additional preparation with a specific test prep program often helps students achieve personal goals for college admissions or scholarships.  

MCA provides students a personal subscription to the adaptive learning program, Naviance Test Prep for ACT®.  The library and counselor’s office also have test preparation books for student use on campus and Preparing for the ACT booklets containing test taking tips and a full-length practice test.  


Registration for the ACT® is online at http://www.act.org/

  • Students create a personal account and should note their username and password as they will need to log in for future needs.

  • You have the option to send scores to up to 4 colleges for free at the time of registration and we recommend you do so.  A fee is assessed to send scores at a later date.

  • Be prepared to pay the registration fee with a credit card.

  • Be prepared to upload a headshot photo of the student.

  • Test Information Release (TIR) is available for an added fee for specified test dates.  With this service, students receive a copy of the test questions, answer key, and the student’s answers.  


College Readiness Benchmarks are scores identified through research with universities that indicate the students has a 50% likelihood of earning a “B” or higher or a 75% chance of earning a “C” or higher in the freshman level course in the subject area.  

  • English Benchmark 18: English Composition course

  • Math Benchmark 22: College Algebra course

  • Reading Benchmark 22: Social Science course

  • Science Benchmark 23: Biology course

Sending Scores to Colleges

Many colleges require official scores directly from ACT® for admissions applications.  At the time of registration, you may select up to four colleges to receive the student’s scores for free.  After scores are released, the student may return to ACT® at any time to order and pay for scores to be sent. A fee is charged for each individual test date you choose to send.  Processing may take 2-3 weeks, so advanced planning is important to meet college and scholarship application deadlines.