Christian Doyle, 2013

2013 Graduate, Nominated as Soldier of the Quarter at West Point

February 13, 2014


Christian Doyle, a 2013 graduate of McKinney Christian Academy, received a very high honor of being nominated amongst his peers at West Point.  Based on Christian’s military, academic, and physical fitness performance, he was one of 8 nominated out of 1,100 represent Company 4-H as its SOQ (Solider of the Quarter).

It was said by his superiors that he demonstrated superior military performance as a member of Company H-4.  Along with being a member of the West Point wrestling team, PVT Doyle has shown he is able to meet and exceed the standard in communication with upperclassmen by consistently using rank and military professionalism.  PVT Doyle also exceeded the standard in his physical state as well continuing to push himself physically.  Academically, PVT Doyle showed academic prowess not only in maintaining above a 3.0 GPA but also assisting his classmates by tutoring in his free hours.  Cadet Doyle is staying true to his roots, teaching a Sunday school class every week. It was finally stated by one of his superiors that PVT Doyle is “the epitome of an outstanding cadet.”

You make MCA proud Private Doyle!