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Capital Campaign


”The opportunity to provide our children with dedicated science labs and engineering space is an amazing opportunity. Our children will be equipped and prepared to pursue future academic and professional interests in the science, math, and engineering fields as a result of this unique facility."

Campus Overhead

Phase One: Growing Academic Excellence Science and
Technology addition
The new two-story science and technology addition will bring all the Upper School classrooms under one roof. Expanding the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program will enhance current access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking while enabling MCA to increase our technology course offerings – vitally important for keeping pace with global technological advancements. The new classrooms will open much-needed space in the Middle and Lower Schools, allowing the expansion of elective courses to become a reality.

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Phase Two: Expanding student opportunities and athletics Gymnasium addition

The addition of a second gymnasium provides the much-needed functional space of a gym without cohabiting daily as the lunchroom and having to adapt for periodic school assemblies. The Lower School will utilize the space for its Physical Education program, and the Middle School sports teams can hold practice and games. MCA will also utilize it as a quality event center; the community will benefit through renting space when it’s not being used by MCA. 

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