Career Planning

We use a variety of assessments in the counseling office to guide students to a career path in which they will find satisfaction and success. We begin exploring with students as early as seventh grade and continue until they graduate. The Life Calling course in tenth grade further assists students in finding God’s unique purpose for their lives, and helps them see every possible occupation as an opportunity to serve Christ.

Assessments may be done in class, in counselor meetings, or at home. Students journey through different stages of exploration, progressing to identifying college majors best suited to their career goals.
  • Strengths Explorer Assessment: Find out what your talents are.
  • Do What You Are: Discover your personality and match to suitable careers and college majors.
  • mi Advantage: Uncover your intelligence profile.
  • Career Interest Profiler: Discover the types of careers that match your interests.
  • Career Cluster Finder: Find career clusters that match your interests and personal qualities.
  • IMAGE Assessment (only in Life Calling course): Identify your unique talents and gifts bestowed upon you for God’s kingdom.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Job/Career Search -