Diploma Plans

McKinney Christian Academy’s rigorous, college preparatory curriculum is designed to prepare all students for success in college coursework following high school.  We offer two diploma plans: the College Preparatory Diploma and, for the higher achieving student, the Honors Diploma.  Students who earn either diploma meet or exceed the state of Texas graduation requirements.

Honors Diploma

To receive the Honors Diploma, students must:
  • Maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA.
  • Successfully complete 3 AP or Dual Credit core subject courses - may be in any combination of core subjects.
  • Be enrolled in a math course every year during grades 9-12 (must include & pass Pre-calculus).
  • Complete 40 hours of pre-approved community service during grades 9-12.
  • Meet the graduation requirements for the College Preparatory Diploma AND complete the following additional credits:
Course Course Notation
  Math Must include and pass Pre-calculus.
(Must be enrolled in a math class each year of HS.)
1 Foreign Language Three sequential years of the same language.
1 Fine Arts Art, Band, Choir, Theatre, Music/Performance
1 Additional Elective Core subject or journalism.

College Preparatory Diploma

  Credits Course Course Notation
3* Bible Enrolled in an MCA Bible class each year in attendance; World & Church History satisfies the 10th grade Bible requirement
4 English 1 per year
4 Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II + 1 higher level math course
(Must be enrolled in a math class each year.)
4 Science Biology, Chemistry I + 2 higher level sciences
4 Social Studies World Geography (1), World History (1), US History (1), US Government (½), Economics (½)
2 Foreign Language Two sequential years of the same language.
1 Physical Education*  (max 1.5 credits)
1 Fine Arts  
27 Total Credits