Recent Tech Projects

Summer 2016 This summer, 2016, the primary goal of the Technology Department was to upgrade all of the computers to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. In addition to this, MCA executed a new managed services contract with Viyu Network Solutions, where Viyu will now provide technical support to our staff and students as well as monitor & maintain our core network infrastructure. Finally, with the beginning of construction of our new Upper School, we are busy planning for the new technology that will be incorporated there.

Google Classroom External Link
Starting with the 2015-2016 school year, MCA will be using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is where students and parents can interact with their teachers, see what assignments are coming up, and even submit homework electronically.

A quick peek into Google Classroom.
What your teachers and students will be doing.

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MCA WebsiteA new MCA Website.  Our most recent project, which started in September 2014, is the redesign and restructuring of the official MCA website.  This project, of course, is not solely conducted by our department.  SharpSchool is a website design and hosting company that is doing a lot of the work and various individuals at MCA are contributing a lot of input, revisions, pictures and new information for the website.  It is important to note that a website is always a work in progress as it continues to grow and adapt to the school's purposes.  We hope that you enjoy this current design and would appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve our website.


Google Apps for EducationGoogle Apps for Education.  In 2012, MCA adopted Google Apps for Education as its core communication, event coordination and document collaboration provider.  This service is provided to schools by Google, Inc., at no cost, making online communication and cloud computing affordable and giving schools the ability to teach students skills that will last a lifetime.  The initial phase was to migrate our staff email accounts from an internal email server to Google.  This process was completed almost without a hitch and students were brought on board the following year (2013).  This was the first time in MCA history that students received email accounts under our domain name.  It is now the official policy for staff and students to communicate with each other using their MCA Google accounts.