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* We believe God has given us athletics as an avenue to more fully know Him, know ourselves, and make Him known.

*We believe athletics is a unique avenue for students to be holistically trained to live biblically through education of mind, body, and spirit in the context of a team.

*We believe each athlete has been gifted differently and our hope is for athletes to maximize their giftings for God's glory and our good.

*Our focus is on rigorously training for an opportunity to compete with excellence and seizing the opportunity when it arises.  

*We understand the impact a coach can have in the life of a young person and we commit to the hiring and training of coaches who love Jesus Christ, are highly competent in their sport, and hope to impart their passion and knowledge to each athlete. 

As athletic directors, we are humbled at the opportunity to lead this program and are excited to know your family. 

Judy Collins, Athletic Director
Judy Collins,
Athletic Director
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  Chance Gray, Associate Athletic Director
Chance Gray,
Associate Athletic Director & Head Football Coach
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