Lower School (PreK - 5th)

Extended School Supervision (ESS)

After school care is available for PreK through 5th Graders every afternoon until 6:00 p.m.  Students are supervised until afternoon carpool has been completed, and then students not picked up are brought to the ESS.  Charges for ESS can either be based on a monthly rate (if ESS is utilized frequently or most of the time) or a daily rate (if ESS is utilized on an infrequent basis).  The monthly rate for ESS is $300 per month, and the daily rate is $30 per day.  Charges will be added to your account, as needed.  If your child will be in ESS, we ask that you fill out an enrollment form, so that we may staff ESS appropriately.  The enrollment form is available in the online enrollment process and on the website under “Lower School” and then “Extended School Supervision.”

School Supplies

A list of school supplies will be sent to you in April or when you enroll at MCA (after April).  They may also be found on the website under “Lower School”.  You may purchase the items individually, or you have the option of ordering a school supply package from MCA (prices vary by grade level). Those of you who purchase the package through MCA will find the items on your child’s desk at “Meet the Teacher”.  If you purchase the items individually, please bring the supplies to “Meet the Teacher”.  Please notice that there are a few items on the bottom of each list which are not included in the “package,” such as a backpack, water bottle, Bible, etc.


Chapel is held once a week (September – May) in the Student Life Center. Parents are welcome to attend!

Summer Reading and Math

For students, summer is a time for fun and play.  However, it is also a time when a child’s learning slides.  Research (Brace, 2002) shows that over a six-year period, cumulative summertime lag can leave a student up to two years behind in reading and math achievement skills.  This “summer slide” requires schools and teachers to spend valuable time during the next school year helping students “re-learn” lost skills, and it greatly reduces the time available to master new skills and subjects.

A child’s ability to succeed in school takes a partnership – one that begins at home and continues in school.  To increase learning and stop the summer learning decline, the Lower School at MCA has adopted mandatory summer activities for all students in order to maintain their learning edge.

The class reading selections and assignment may be found on the website under “Lower School”.  Because children who know their math facts become better problem solvers and progress more quickly in higher level math, we are asking that each child practice his/her math facts several days per week.  Please record the date and initial for each day of practice.  Please note that students will be tested on their math facts upon their return to school.

Lost and Found

Please label all clothing and lunch boxes with your child’s name.  Feel free to look for your child’s items in the Lost and Found, located in the SLC.

Li'l Stangs 

The Lil Stangs program will operate and coordinate an athletic program for MCA students in grades K-5th. MCA students will compete in organized sports with classmates.  Students will be exposed to organized sports at an early age and begin to refine athletic talents. It fosters school spirit. It serves as a marketing tool for MCA with our sports teams playing throughout McKinney/Plano/Allen/Frisco area.  It will serve as an early training ground for our Middle and Upper School athletic programs while honoring Jesus Christ by teaching athletes to live biblically through mind, body, and spirit.

The players will be coached in a similar format to our Middle School and Varsity programs. The Varsity coaches will hold a coaching clinic for the volunteer coaches.

The sports that are offered are: soccer, volleyball, flag football, basketball, cheerleading, baseball and softball.

Safety Patrol

4th and 5th Grade students have the opportunity to assist with carpool and become part of a Safety Patrol Team.  Each team is to serve 1 week assignments every 5-6 weeks, during morning and afternoon carpool. Students participating are required to arrive at school 20 minutes early and stay 20 minutes late during their week of service.  As a "thank you" for their service during the year, the Safety Patrol team members who served diligently are rewarded in May with a special fun outing. 

Special Days

Lower School has several special days that students and their parents can participate in! Some of them are listed below:
  • Mustang Fun Run (October) - Our annual Fall Fundraiser where students run on a designated track to raise funds for the school.  Parents and families are encouraged to come out and cheer students on or run with your child.  It’s a family friendly, fun event to watch.
  • Pajama Day (October) – A fun, dress-up day where students spend the school day in their pajamas. Come and watch our Pajama Day Parade!
  • Grandparents Day (November) - A special day when Grandparents are invited to come see special Fine Arts performances put on by each grade in the SLC. Artwork is also showcased during this event. Grandparents are welcome to go back to the classrooms with their grandchildren to see where their children spend their days & have the opportunity to meet their teachers.  This is an early release day as well.
  • Kite Day (March) – This day is for the entire family! Older students are matched up with their “buddies” from the younger grades, and they fly their kite(s) together.  Students may make or purchase a kite, and picnic lunches are eaten outside while enjoying all the beautiful colors and streamers!
  • Field Day (May) – Always a highlight of every student’s year, Field Day takes place in May.  Parents are welcome to cheer the class on, as they enjoy relay races, bounce houses and other fun outside games.

** Be sure to watch website, emails and the calendar for news on class activities coming up! **

Classroom parties during the year include a Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas party, and Valentine’s Day party. Pre-K and Kindergarten will have Easter parties.  Parents are welcome to volunteer to assist!


Every student will be recognized during one of the two Special Chapels honoring Character qualities (confidence, self control, honesty, obedience, etc). These awards are based on the student's God-given qualities. Every student in Lower School will be honored every year they are in Lower School! 

Year-End Awards

The Lower School Awards Ceremony takes place the last day of school and honors each student in Kinder-5th grades for significant contributions in various areas. Parents and extended family are encouraged to attend. This is an early release day to begin Summer Break!