Dual Credit Program

MCA partners with two higher education institutions to provide college credit courses on the MCA campus.  In dual credit courses, students may earn both high school credit and college credit through successful completion of the one course.  The grade earned in the course is placed on the student’s college transcript and high school transcript.  Our students have the opportunity to earn up to 21 college credit hours through the dual credit program during their junior and senior years. Students must apply for and gain admission to the college or university and pay the college tuition in order to enroll in the courses at MCA.  Successful dual credit students are self-motivated with proven academic ability in prior courses; much responsibility falls upon the student.  Academic prerequisite requirements must be satisfied for placement in the courses; the courses are given honors weight in the grade point calculation.

John Brown University are offered to 11th and 12th grade students:
Old Testament Survey (BBL 1013) 3 credit hours
New Testament Survey (BBL 1023) 3 credit hours 
English I: Composition (EGL 1013) 3 credit hours
English II: Literary Analysis & Research (EGL 1023) 3 credit hours
Public Speaking (COM 2523) 3 credit hours

Academic eligibility to apply: Seniors: 3.0 GPA along with a 20 ACT composite or 950 SAT (critical reading & math); Juniors: 3.25 GPA along with a 950 PSAT Total or 429 Aspire Composite or meet senior criteria.

Collin College are offered to 11th grade students:
U.S. History I (HIST 1301), offered 11th grade 3 credit hours
U.S. History II (HIST 1302) offered 11th grade 3 credit hours

MCA's Dual Credit Program Summary:

Collin College Dual Credit Program at MCA:

Transferring Credit

Each college or university makes it’s own determination of credit they will accept toward degree requirements.  The dual credit courses offered at MCA are widely accepted for transfer credit.  We recommend you visit the website for the college you expect to attend, search “course equivalency” or “transfer credit”; most websites offer a search tool allowing you to enter the course number to view the transfer credit policy and equivalent course at their institution. You may also call the registrar’s office at the college to request transfer credit information.

*John Brown University EGL 1013 is usually considered equivalent to Texas Common Course number ENGL 1301 for transfer credit.

*John Brown University EGL 1023 is usually considered equivalent to Texas Common Course number ENGL 1302 for transfer credit.

Collin College TransferU tool for searching transfer credit policy

Texas Common Core Numbering System tool for searching the Texas equivalent course number. For example, search by prefix HIST, find HIST1301 to find the equivalent course for Collin College’s US History I course at other Texas colleges and universities.

Transcript requests for the college credit may be made on the college websites by the student who completed the dual credit coursework.  Visit Collin.edu or JBU.edu and search for transcript request to find the location of the request forms.