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Continuous Enrollment

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Continuous Enrollment Contract
MCA has put in place a system that streamlines our process for re-enrollment by converting our Re-Enrollment Contract to a Continuous Enrollment Contract.  Historically, we average over 90% re-enrollment, so it made sense to simplify re-enrollment for our wonderful MCA families! Below you can review how our Continuous Enrollment process works. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office and we’ll be happy to help!


Continuous Enrollment Contract FAQ’s
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Our Family is definitely staying at MCA!  What do we need to do to re-enroll?
Nothing!  Under the Continuous Enrollment Contract, your child is automatically re-enrolled each year on February 1st. 

How can I find out what the Tuition & Fees will be for the upcoming school year?
Each year tuition and fees are posted on the school website by January 1st. Tuition increases 3-5% annually.  Click here to view Tuition and fees.

Is there a re-enrollment fee every year?
Yes. The re-enrollment fee is also posted on the school website by January 1st. For returning students, re-enrollment fees are rolled into the Tuition & Fees payment plan, with payments beginning in February and ending in December (11 months). 

What if our Family is unsure if we can return to MCA next year?
We know that situations can change. If you cannot attend MCA for the upcoming school year (or if you are unsure about your plans), simply contact our Admissions Office ([email protected]) in writing by January 31st to discuss opting-out of Continuous Enrollment. Your student will not be automatically re-enrolled on February 1st and you will be released from the financially binding Continuous Enrollment contract.  Your student's spot is not guaranteed for the upcoming school year.  

We opted-out of Continuous Enrollment, but decided we want to continue at MCA for the upcoming school year.  How do we re-enroll after February 1st?
Please contact the Admissions Office ([email protected]) as soon as possible to let us know that you want to re-enroll.  If a spot is still available for your student, they will be re-enrolled, and the re-enrollment fee is $650 after January 31st and $875 after May 31st.  Tuition & Fee payment plans will begin the month of re-enrollment and end in December. 

We want to continue attending MCA but need financial assistance.  What options are available to us?
MCA offers Tuition Grants and Pastoral Awards to qualifying families.  Tuition grant applications open in December and families must apply annually. Visit https://online.factsmgt.com/aid to complete the application.  Grant funds are limited and awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  Families are strongly encouraged to apply by December 31st.

If your tuition grant application is not completed/finalized by January 31st, your student will not be automatically re-enrolled until the tuition grant is awarded and accepted.  Families who have not communicated a need for financial aid but have started the application and NOT SUBMITTED all required documentation by January 31st will be automatically re-enrolled per the terms of the Continuous Enrollment contract without a financial award.

Pastoral Awards are offered to families with a parent working in ministry.  To receive a Pastoral Award, a pastoral employment letter (dated in January) must be submitted annually to Maria Bristol in the Business Office ([email protected]) for re-enrolling students.  New families to MCA will also need to provide a certificate of ordination.

What if I need more information about re-enrollment or financial matters?
We are happy to answer your questions anytime!

For admissions and re-enrollment questions, please contact the Admissions Office. ([email protected]).

For questions regarding financial assistance or payment plans, please contact Maria Bristol in the Business Office (busines[email protected]).  

Please Note: On February 1st, students will automatically be re-enrolled for the upcoming school year unless the Admissions Office is notified in writing by Jan. 31st.  Remember the Continuous Enrollment Contract is financially binding.