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Admissions Policies

McKinney Christian Academy is committed to combining a biblical worldview with a college preparatory curriculum, benefiting the whole student; mind, body and spirit. McKinney Christian Academy students are afforded the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills from a Christian worldview, guiding them into making their relationship with Jesus Christ meaningful in every aspect of their lives.

The following policies apply to students seeking admission to MCA:


 Faith First Academics 
 Behavior Additional 

Please refer to MCA’s Mission & Vision Statements and Statements of Philosophy.

The mission of McKinney Christian Academy ultimately can be seen in the following summary of objectives:

  • To establish God’s Truth as the guide for life.
  • To maintain a demanding curriculum and high academic standard.
  • To encourage an environment where fellow believers are co-laborers to the glory of God, benefiting students, families, faculty and staff.
  • Recognizing that the MCA student’s value system originates in the home and as he/she grows, is further developed by the home, church, and school working together, which forms a structure of great strength and stability in the lives of our children.