Evaluation Center

Peggy Signall
Margaret "Peggy" Signall,
Evaluation Center Director
Our assessments are for:
  1. Students who are experiencing academic inconsistency or difficulty due to problems of academic performance, attention, emotional issues and/or behavior.
  2. Young children, to provide a thorough understanding of the child’s developmental profile and to recognize the strengths and weaknesses that he/she may exhibit in school.
Although significant difficulties in reading, mathematics and written language have been popularly termed “disabilities”, this is a faulty classification. Reading, math and writing are not abilities, but skills for a successful development that require underlying abilities such as perception, memory and language.

An assessment is intended to thoroughly evaluate a child’s performance, not only in academic skills, but to discover underlying abilities as well. In addition, the assessment is used to discover the causes of difficulty and to determine the most efficient approach through which to teach the child. Structure of the Intellect tests are also available. The Intellect test is an excellent tool for high school and college-age students making career-related decisions.

The assessment instruments chosen have been thoroughly researched and proven to be valid, reliable measures of specific skills or abilities. The results provide a measure of your child’s performance in comparison with the performance of students of his/her same age.

A profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be developed using factor analysis of each individual sub-test and interpreted in conjunction with information related to previous assessments, academic performance, and the child’s behavioral and attentional profile.

Our assessment typically lasts between 3 – 5 hours.  However, factors like age, concentration and work style may cause one evaluation to be of shorter or longer duration. A feedback to discuss the results of the evaluation will be scheduled within two weeks.