Construction Progress

This page will be used to track the progress of the construction of our NEW Upper School.  We are so excited for this new building, as it will create additional teaching space for the entire school.  With the completion of this building, we will be able to move the Middle School to the quad of buildings that used to house the Upper School.  This will then free up space for our lower school and administrative offices until the future MCA Building can be built.

Up One Level
Groundbreaking Ceremony & Festivities
Uploaded: 21 October, 2016
Description: These are pictures of the MCA family coming together to celebrate our Groundbreaking...
Pre-Construction / Demolition Pictures
Uploaded: 20 October, 2016
Description: This photo gallery is pictures taken from when preparations were made to tear down the old...
US Construction - Update 2017-01-31
Uploaded: 31 January, 2017
Description: Updated pictures of the US construction, taken 2017-01-31.
US Construction - Update 2017-03-28
Uploaded: 29 March, 2017
Description: Pictures taken by Joeris.