Academic Planning

Academic planning is an important part of the high school student’s personal goal setting.  MCA offers a variety of course options, course levels and two degree plans. Students are each unique and we seek to help each one prepare an appropriate plan to meet his or her own individual goals in high school and beyond. The academic counselor is available on a drop-in basis or by appointment for students and families to discuss individual students’ plans and needs.

General Information for Prerequisite Requirements and Course Placement

Curriculum is purposefully planned to provide appropriate learning without gaps across grade levels within a subject area. As such, the courses are designed to be sequential with foundational building blocks incorporated each year, preparing students for progressively more challenging work. Prerequisite course requirements are in place to ensure students have gained the knowledge necessary for specific courses. As honors, dual credit, and AP courses require a greater measure of knowledge and ability, academic prerequisite requirements which demonstrate a student’s achievement and aptitude in the subject are established to approve a student for enrollment in one of these higher level courses.

Honors, Dual Credit, and Advanced Placement Courses:
Students must complete the standard level course in that department the prior year with an 85 final average AND have the teacher recommendation.  If enrolled in an AP or DC course in the department the prior year, the student must earn a final average of 80 AND have the teacher recommendation to be placed in the AP or DC course the following year.

Media Technology Internship:
The Media Technology Internship is a part of the Praise Band team. As such, consideration for this position requires an application attesting to the spiritual maturity of the student. A recommendation by the principal based upon the student’s record of behavior and dependability is also required.

Technology Director Internship:
Consideration for this position requires the student to have completed the Business Computer Information Systems course with a high A final average and submit an application by the stated deadline. Students must have no detentions or violations of technology and media policies.

Elementary Teacher Internship:
For consideration as an intern in a Lower School classroom, a student must have the approval of the principal based upon the student’s past behavior and demonstration of dependability.

Office/Library Assistant:
Consideration for serving as an assistant in the upper school office or the library will include a review of the student’s discipline record and approval by the principal.

For more detailed, class-specific prerequisites, please review the Course Descriptions.